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Pins 101 - About Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins are much more durable and rugged than our Soft Enamel Pins, however they can be more expensive, and have restrictions when it comes to color options due to the finising process. Due to the color restrictions they can occasionally appear less vivid and more subdued than our Soft Enamel Pins. They are a great solution if you need a hardy pin that can survive more extreme conditions, and want a jewelry like shiny finish that is sure to grab people's attention.

A Smooth & Sleek Finish

Hard Enamel pins start out similar to our soft enamel pins, the design is diestruck creating the outlines and borders of the pin. Then our custom hard enamel pins are created by applying multiple layers of enamel paint into the recessed areas of the pin. 

This is repeated until the paint sits level with the raised metal walls and the pin surface becomes smooth and flat. After that the paint is cured at a high temperature, and polished until it has a glossy jewelry like finish (sometimes called Cloisonné) and finished with a clear coat of epoxy resin. Resulting in a shiny custom pin, which also yields a high-quality and hard wearing finish that can withstand the elements and has long term durability. 

Our custom hard enamel pins are more expensive than our soft enamel pins, however, they are longer-lasting and ideal for those looking to create durable merchandise or pin collections. Due to the polishing process, sometimes especially small details can be tricky to see on hard enamel pins, so consider Soft Enamel or Full Color pins if your design is complicated.

They are noted for their brilliant colors separated by metal detailing and being polished smooth.

The Best of Hard Enamel Pins:

- They have a very high-quality finish and appearance.
- They are extremely durable and long-lasting
- They look more expensive than they actually cost
- They are as little $1.00 each depending on the size and quantity ordered
- The bright colors won’t fade over time
- A variety of backing options are available

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