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Pins 101 - About Full Color Pins

Full Color Pins 

One of the newest pin styles available is our Full Color pins, which use the latest in printing technology to achieve a level of detail and realism that other styles just can't match. Instead of paints or enamel, full color pins feature a design printed directly onto the metal. This process adds a much higher level of detail to your pins than other pin styles.

Full Color pins are your best choice for complicated, colorful designs especially those that incorporate text and/or photo-quality images. To begin, we shape stainless steal metal to form the outline of your design. Once the metal is in the shape of your pin, we digitally print your design directly onto the metal surface. Our Full Color Pins are made using offset printing, which is the same process used for printing photographs and other complex images.

Utilizing this method to create custom printed pins allows us to produce the same level of quality and detail as high quality photographs, with no special paint or adhesive required. To finish the pins we cover the pin surface with a clear epoxy resin coating that helps to keep the image bright and colorful forever. As well as protects the pin against scratches and dings making it a fairly hardy pin.

We recommend custom printed pins if your design includes photo reproductions or complicated multicolor designs. You have the option of using a nearly unlimited number of colors without needing the metal edges required for hard or soft enamel pins. If you'd like to include text in your design, this style is also a great choice. In addition, printed pins are quite cost efficient, so they are great for budget conscious buyers

The Best of Full Color Pins:

- Can Print ANY Design
- Long Lasting
- Glossy Finish
- High Quality Results

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