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Pins 101 - About 3D Pins

3D Pins 

Do you want to immediately catch someone’s attention with your pins? Take a look at our Custom 3D Pins! They are an excellent option for most logos. When considering custom designed hat pins, you can’t go wrong with the timeless elegance of a 3D pin. These simple, all-metal hat pins provide a clean, understated, and elegant looking high-quality accessory to be worn by men and women as a mark of distinction and pride.

3D pins are quality metal pins that can be used for a multitude of purposes, with several different color and finish options.  An excellent choice for awards of significance, recognition, promotional events, or high quality merchandise.  Anything that requires a metallic pin finish or look. Many of our customers like the fact that a finished 3D pin can have the look of fine jewelry. 

These are Custom 3D Pins are die-cast with a sturdy metal highlighting intricate details, creating an eye-popping 3D appearance that is sure to make an impression. The die-casting process creates a contrast between the raised (shinier) and recessed (darker) components of your design. The result is a product that captures a ton of details and looks amazing for years. A custom die-cast pin is the favored option for anyone who wants an elegant pin with a prestige finish.

The process by which 3D pins are made is a traditional one, and it's actually the first step in creating a number of different types of custom hat pins. By making a die (a specialized tool) that holds the inverse image of your design and using it to strike (or impress) your design in a base metal, we can create a sharp and detailed stamping that results in a high quality pin. The final 3D pins are most notable for their raised polished surface and recessed background. 

3D Pins are exactly like hard enamel pins or soft enamel pins, except without the color! 3D pins are sometimes referred to as die-cast pins, molded pins or diestruck pins. They are made of premium materials, have clean lines and are quite elegant.  If you require a classy, dignified pin, a custom 3D pin is a great choice. 

3D Pins are the best choice for designs that do not include colored enamels or printed images. These custom pins often have a beautiful, antiqued look and are great for designs that call for clean, elegant lines. We recommend this style for corporate logo pins, anniversary pins, recognition pins, service pins, and more.

The Best of 3d Pins:
- Dimensional finish
- Faster production time
- Metallic finish & appearance
- Various metal plating options
- Thick, die struck metal gives impression of value


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