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Have questions about making lapel pins?

Custom Hat Pins takes creativity and imagination seriously. We custom design, develop, produce, and deliver the best quality hat pins in the industry. But our goal isn’t just to manufacture the best pins in the industry. We also want to educate you, our valued customers about how we go about producing our pins, how you can order them through our website, and even offering some ideas about how you can use them! An educated consumer is a smart, satisfied consumer.


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You’ve got a vision. But how to make that a reality? To make enamel pins that fit your vision, you will need to do some research to determine the exact materials that will work for your brand. In the following sections, we will walk you through some of the choices you will have to make and the factors that will inform that decision.


Why Order Custom Pins?

Lapel pins are often used for symbols of membership or achievement in various organizations. Fraternities and sororities often use lapel pins as a symbol for their societies. To give some additional examples, you could create Custom Promotional Pins, Custom Band Pins, Custom Military Pins, Custom Motorcycle Club Pins, or Custom Sports Pins. In some cases, club members could wear the pins to gatherings or special events to show their commitment to the club or organization. And post event or membership in an organization, collectors often seek out Custom Pins to accumulate or display. This serves to increase recognition and exposure of your brand.

Many large companies and small businesses also create Custom Employee Recognition Lapel Pins and pins for customers or members. Lapel pins are commonly presented to individuals as symbols accomplishment. These lapel pins help to create a sense of affiliation and acceptance within groups or organizations. Lapel pins can also boost employee morale and encourage productivity and engagement. We’ll present more ideas for uses of your Lapel Pins later. But let’s take a look at lapel pin styles now.

Lapel pins come in different styles. Two of the most popular styles are soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins. Let’s take a closer look at each of those.



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Soft Enamel Lapel Pins    Hard Enamel Lapel Pins    3D Lapel Pins    Custom Full Color Lapel Pins

Custom Spinner Pins    Custom Dangler Pins    Custom Slider Pins    Custom Bobble Pins

Custom dyed metal Pins    Custom Glitter Pins    Custom Glow Pins    knockouts

Custom dyed metal Pins   Custom Glitter Pins    Custom Glow Pins    Custom Glow Pins


Standard Pantone Colors

Picking the right color for your new pin design is important. Why are Pantone colors importantPantone colors are hugely important for color consistency. They allow designers to color match specific colors when they have designs that are beginning to enter the production stage – no matter what equipment is being used to produce the design. Here is a list of the most popular colors by customhatpins.com customers.


Factors That Influence Pricing

There are many factors that influence the pricing of your pins. As a basic rule of thumb, it is important to try to keep your costs low when ordering pins. Here is a look at the factors that increase the final price of your order:

     • The size of your pin.


     • The quantity of your order.

     • The amount of colors used. We offer up to 6 colors included in the price.

     • Adding Glow or Glitter colors.

     • Back Stamp or Numbering (001/100) your pin.

Knockouts / Cutouts

In terms of order quantity, the main cost for in the manufacturing process is building the initial mold for your pin. Once we have built the mold to cast your pin, the cost to add more pins to your order is not a significant factor on your bottom line. This is something to keep in mind when you are considering how large of an order you should make.



Artwork Ready?

If you have decided what type of Custom Lapel Pin you want to order and the quantity you will need, you will have to provide artwork in order for us to begin the process. Camera-ready art is preferred. This simply means that the art document you provide is, from a technical aspect, ready to be printed. We prefer the artwork to be provided in Adobe Illustrator (.AI) or .EPS formats. But we can also accept .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .PPT, .DOC, .PDF, .BMP, .TIFF and .PSD files. If you don’t have artwork ready, we can help! Our in-house art department can assist you in turning your logo or idea into a fantastic pin design. Just let us know you need help designing your artwork when you place your order, and our Art Department will be happy to assist you!


Cufflinks, earrings, charms, pendants, tie tacks, tie bars, stickpins, wine charms, money clips, golf ball markers, zipper pulls.


By partnering with us at Custom Hat Pins, designing and producing your own Custom Enamel Pins is easy! You’re a creative person, now it’s time to share your creativity with the world.

If you have any questions about ordering pins through Custom Hat Pins or how pins can work for you, please reach out to us by email at sales@customhatpins.com.

Dropdown Options

Metal - Type of plating or dye used to color the metal of your pin.

Color(s) - Total number of color(s) used to color fill your design (Up to 6 are Included with your Order). Do not include your metal color as a color.

Backings - Each pin includes double posts with your selected backing type.

Glow Color - Standard glow in the dark ink is applied to the color(s) of your choice then coated with epoxy. The glow color will not glow the same as the color fill.

Glitter Color - Glitter will match the fill color(s) of your choice then coated with epoxy. Multiple colors available.

Numbering - Numbering will be laser etched to the back of each pin. Sample: 001/100

Back Stamping - Standard - Each pin will have “Proudly Made by Custom Hat Pins” stamped on the back. None – The back of each pin will be blank. Private Branding – Each pin with have your custom back stamp on the back.

Custom Packaging - Free–Includes your branding and logos as well as Custom Hat Pins. No – Pins will be shipped in individual bags. Private Branding – Custom packaging will have no Custom Hat Pins information on the back.