SPECIAL DEAL - Get 5 designs of 100, 1.50" Soft Enamel Pins for $1000 - Free shipping, Free Set Up, Free Artwork & Free Custom Packaging.

Drop down options on our pin order form. 


Next to each Dropdown is a question mark, just roll over it to display the description of that dropdown. 


Dropdown Options


Metal - Type of plating or dye used to color the metal of your pin.


Color(s) - Total number of color(s) used to color fill your design. Do not include your metal color as a color.


Backings - Each pin includes double posts with your selected backing type.


Glow Color - Standard glow in the dark ink is applied to the color(s) of your choice then coated with epoxy. The glow color will not glow the same as the color fill.


Glitter Color - Glitter will match the fill color(s) of your choice then coated with poxy. Multiple colors available.


Numbering - Numbering will be laser etched to the back of each pin. Sample:001/100


Back Stamping

Standard - Each pin will have “Proudly Made by Custom Hat Pins” stamped on the back. 

None – The back of each pin will be blank. 

Private Branding – Each pin with have your custom back stamp on the back.


Custom Packaging

Free – Includes your branding and logos as well as Custom Hat Pins. 

No – Pins will be shipped in individual bags. 

Private Branding – Custom packaging will have no Custom Hat Pins information on the back.



If you still have questions, email orders@customhatpins.com