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Pins 101 - About Numbering and Backstamps

About Numbering & Backstamps

Another popular set of upgrades that we have are Backstamps, and Numbering. You can add these two upgrades seperately to your pins to add even more value to them. 

- Numbering is a great way to tell your customers that the pin is limited edition. When a customer sees the numbering on the back it adds to the percieved value, by letting them know it's limited edition. You can number your cards so they know this, but having it physically on the back means even if the card is lost they know that there are only so many of that pin out in the world and it's not just a mass produced cheap pin. In most cases it is laser engraved into the back of your pin with the exception of Full color Pins which are Offset Printed onto the back. 

- Backstamps are a great way to tell people who made your pins, you can add any one color logo to the back which will be embossed onto the metal. With the exception of the Full color pins where the backstamp will be offset printed on the back just like the numbering. Adding your logo to the back of the pin is a great way to gain brand recognition, as well it is great when people want to know who made the pin but the backing card is no longer with it. If a customer is curious they may look you up and could lead to even more sales down the road. Another popular choice is to literally have your signature added to the back so that each pin that goes out will have that personal touch along with your artwork. 



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