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Looking for Sales Representative!

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Have you worked in sales before?:
Are you comfortable on the phone?:
What motivates you?:
What made you want to get into sales?:
If you were hired for this position, what would you do in your first month?:
How do you research prospects before a call or meeting?:
What are your favorite questions to ask prospects?:
Have you ever turned a prospect away? And why?:
What's worse?:
What's your least favorite part of the sales process?:
Sell me something.:
If you started a company tomorrow, what would it be?:
How do you handle stress and pressure?:
Why do you want this job?:
What are your salary expectations?:

Do you have a natural talent for selling? Our industry is booming and we have an opportunity for you to join our growing team. We hire passionate, outgoing, motivated, goal oriented, organized, customer-focused problem solvers who have great communication skills and a desire to earn more in a highly competitive, fast paced sales environment.



  • A pro on the phone with the ability to make a sale
  • You are in your element working with others and have great communication skills
  • Driven to succeed in sales and in life
  • Has excellent organizational, time management and follow-up skills
  • Has strong listening skills and is able to uncover potential sales opportunities



  • Manage and qualify inquiries to generate appointments. Respond quickly and efficiently to customers.
  • Handle objections to demonstrate the professionalism and integrity that our team prides itself on.
  • Provide up-to-date information regarding customers.
  • Develop new business opportunities with existing customers.
  • Making outbound calls, communicating via email and overseeing the needs of our customers are met.
  • Understanding client needs while offering solutions and support to increase sales opportunities.
  • Connect with prospects and close the sale over the phone when possible.