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Pins 101 - About Glow Pins

Glow Pins

Glow is another upgrade that you can add to your pins that will really add another dimension to enjoying your pins. It is available in either soft or hard enamel pins. When adding your enamel to the pins they add glow in the dark ink to your colors that you select to glow. This takes your pin to the next level, as they can even be enjoyed in the dark. Add the Glow effect to multiple colors in your pin to make certain layers pop with detail, and draw attention back to your pin. 

As with any glow in the dark product they need time in the light for the glow effect to charge. The brighter the light source the brighter the glow once you leave the light. They look amazing when you come inside after being out in the sun, but are also made active under ultra violet and black light. 

Glow in the Dark pins are another specialty pin type that collectors love to add to their collection, whether it ends up on a board, hat, lanyard, or more... if your pin glows in the dark it will be sure to draw people's eye to the bright luminescent color.

If you would like to add GLOW as an Upgrade to your Enamel Pins. Goto the pin type you are interested in Soft Enamel Pins or Hard Enamel Pins. It will be one of the options on the right side of the screen, please just select how many of your pin colors you would like to add it to!


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