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Pins 101 - About Glitter Pins

Glitter Pins

Glitter Pins are an upgrade that you can add to your pins to really make them sparkle. It can be added to either soft enamel or hard enamel pins to really enhance their appearance! When making your Glitter pins they will take the colors that you choose and add glitter to the enamel before it is placed in the pin. This can be really eye catching and make your pin stand out from the crowd of other enamel based pins.

These specialty pins are really beautiful and is something that you need to see in person to really appreciate the dimension that the glitter adds to your pin. Collectors tend to love the shiny appearance the glitter adds to the pins, it adds a layer of quality that shows you take your pins seriously and want to stand out. 

When adding glitter you have 2 options: Standard Glitter and Rainbow Glitter. 

The Standard Glitter adds a general sparkle to your product that is enhanced based off of the colors that you add it to. Rainbow Glitter instead of being a colorless glitter that depends on the color of the enamel to add color to is full of color. As the name suggests it is a glitter that has the colors of the rainbow, and add a ton of color to your pins!

If you would like to add GLITTER as an Upgrade to your Enamel Pins. Goto the pin type you are interested in Soft Enamel Pins or Hard Enamel Pins. It will be one of the options on the right side of the screen, please just select how many of your pin colors you would like to add it to!






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