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Pins 101 - About Large Sized Pins

Large Sized Pins

Large sized pins are the perfect solution when you have a pin with a lot of details, or you need to have a larger than average pin. They start out 2 Inches or larger, and they are similar to our soft enamel pins. They are die struck which means they are stamped, this leaves recessed and raised portions of the design. The recessed areas are then filled with enamel paints which sits lower than the raised metal lines. The Pins are then allowed to air dry which causes the enamel to settle a bit, giving the pin an almost 3D look to it. 

Due to the thin metal lines surrounding each of the painted areas, the enamel is held in place on the pin. You can actually feel the raised lines if you move your finger over the pin, giving it a more tactile feel. They are very similar to our hard enamel pins with the raised metal lines. But unlike a hard enamel pin, you can feel the raised lines if you gently rub a thumb or finger on the pin. Our custom large sized hat pins can be made in nearly any size or shape. Thus, the process of manufacturing your pin will accommodate nearly any design you have in mind.

Another advantage to our Large Sized Pins is that knockouts are included in the price, so if you have pins that need several knockouts, this could be your way to go to make things more budget friendly. Large sized pins make an impact when you see them, due to their large size they stand out and draw attention wherever you wear them. They are a great addition to any pin collection.

The Best of Large Sized Pins:

- Lots of Detail
- Large Attention getting Size
- Knockouts included
- High Quality Results

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