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Pins 101 - About Dyed Metals


Different Colored Dyed Metals

On Soft Enamel Pins an extra special touch can be added to your Custom Lapel Pins with colored dyed metals! Not digging the idea of silver, black, nickel, or any of our premium metal selections? Then we can dye the metal whatever color you need. We are limited only by the Pantone Solid Coated color pallet, but can can make it per design for you. Dyed metals give you almost unlimited options when designing your pins and making them even more special. If you are interested in this option it is the 3rd option on the Soft Enamel Pins page. Just select a color that you would like to use, or select the custom color option. (Please leave a note in comments of which custom color you would like if the option you want is not already there.)




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